Here you’ll find a range of activities related to Astley Hall and it’s events – there’s lots to enjoy!


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National Storytelling Week

There is lots of fun to be had during National Storytelling Week, 30 January to 6 February 2021.


You can watch our stories from Astley Hall, which you can find on our Facebook page or get creative using the worksheets below.

Make puppets or write a story yourself using ‘The Enormous Turnip’ worksheet here.


Take part in our Astley Hall Story Maker activity – all you need is one dice, a pen, paper and our worksheet here.

Astley Hall Story Maker Worksheet

Enormous Turnip

A Deadly Question

Captain One-Eye

Who is Judith?

Lord & Lady Derby

Winter Pruning

Animal Activities

Why not get creative by creating your own bunny mask or maybe you could create a bird feeder.


Take a look at our bunny mask template and our Astley Park Kids Wildlife Activity Booklet to get you started.


If you’re planning to visit the park or elsewhere to do some activities, please adhere to the latest COVID-19 guidance

Saltdough Creations

Make and decorate some everlasting cupcakes using saltdough with the help of our worksheet.

Bunny Mask Template
Bird cake activity
Saltdough Cupcakes